Friday, 6 June 2014

9th Doctor character code for Legacy game.

This is the code to unlock the 9th Doctor in the 'Doctor Who: The Legacy' game on Android & iOS. 
Expires Sunday. 

This Code Adds The Ninth Doctor To Doctor Who: Legacy

by Christian Cawley

From now until Sunday - as part of a larger giveaway spanning five Doctor Who sites - we're giving away the Ninth Doctor and a new look for Doctor Who: Legacy, in association with the game's developers!

This code - unlike last week's - will expire midnight pacific time on Sunday night and there are no limits on its use, meaning that as many of you who want the Ninth Doctor and his alternative look can have him!

All you have to do is open this section below, note down the code and enter it into the Promo screen in Doctor Who: Legacy on your Android or iPhone/iPad.

[spoiler title=Get the Ninth Doctor for Doctor Who: Legacy!]

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Ninth Doctor for Doctor Who: Legacy!

Our work here is done. There are more codes for you to find...

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