Sunday, 22 April 2012

Doctor Who 9th Doctor Costume T-Shirt.

Normally I wouldn’t post advertisements but had to post this.

Doctor Who 9th Doctor Costume T-Shirt


There’s been some wacky clothes worn by the various incarnations of Doctor Who, but the Doctor Who 9th Doctor Costume T-Shirt is styled after the understated, yet still stylish, wardrobe of the Ninth Doctor, portrayed by Christopher Eccleston.

Ninth Doctor Who

If you love all things Who, but have always been a bit hesitant about following in the good Doctor’s footsteps when it comes to clothing, the 9th Doctor is the perfect Time Lord to model yourself after. Forget floppy hats, mile-long scarves, or outdated styles. You don’t even have to bother with a bowtie with this fellow. Of course, you can also get some t-shirt stylings with the 4th through 7th Doctors, if your tastes run a little bit to the odder side of things.

As sharp as the 9th Doctor’s outfit looks, some of us don’t live in environments with weather that welcomes a leather jacket very often so this t-shirt is as close to the Doctor’s style as we can get… unless we want to melt under the summer sun… which I don’t recommend.

You can slip into some Whovian style while still staying comfortable with the Doctor Who 9th Doctor Costume T-Shirt for £16.99 (approximately $26.73) at

Monday, 2 April 2012

In Conversation with Christopher Eccleston.

Afternoon interview with Christopher Eccleston, talking to Al Senter about his current role in Antigone and his career, and answering your questions.

Duration: 1 hour
Tickets: £5 (£4 concessions)

This summer's In Conversation series will have live speech-to-text transcription provided by STAGETEXT, so that deaf and hard of hearing visitors can follow the interviews.